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MetaRex FAQ - Try It

Can I see a demo?

We are building demonstration systems and a prototype already exists - here!


Where can I come and see you?

MetaRex is a small team with no offices.  We have regular meeting online and you can find us remotely in places like on our LinkedIn and Blog pages. 

  • You can book a meeting with us if you want to have a chat about something regarding MetaRex or metadata.
  • You can contact us and let us know any issues you might be having with metadata, a question or even an idea that you, or your company might have, on us working together.  Let us know!


Can I download free code?

Yes, absolutely you can!

All our code and specifications are available for download.

In the Docs page  you will be able to view and download. 

Can I download samples?

Yes, you can!

Our mascot Rexy, is a dinosaur who will grow up during the project.  She starts as a baby and she will star in various short clips that have a MetaRex container with metadata to explore.

Samples are on the website on our Download page.